I am a self-taught multi-media designer. Born and raised in the Bronx, NY (and lots of places in between), I live in the greater D.C area with my husband and children. 

I have been living in my passion as a full time multi-disciplinary designer for the past 10 years, as the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the award winning D.C based firm Taylor and Hov. 

This chapter of stepping out on my own has been exhilarating to say the least. 

Hire our team for Events, Branding, or Interior Design, and let us wow you.   If you are interested in learning some fine art skills, I host some pretty awesome Art Therapy Sessions in my studio. I truly believe that everyone has something to contribute to the greater creative energy that holds our inner peace together. 

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As a fine artist, I have always been asked to share how I create something. More recently I was asked WHY I create so many things. The answer to that is that I have been battling anxiety and depression through my creative energy, without knowing that it was a superpower that people long to tap into. 

Inside of us all, lies an endless river of creativity, and how we access that is going to differ from person to person. I really wanted to do an art therapy/ art lesson series, quite similar to a sip and paint, but  where you learn a real artistic skill. That, combined with an intimate setting where sharing your story is encouraged, can only lead to women connecting on a deeper level, and that creative energy being made manifest through art. Yasssss queens!

You can be a beginner, practitioner of some other form of art, or just someone looking to find a tribe. Let's do this together.

The cost of the tickets, and the locations will vary. I am looking to introduce people and myself, to art skills such as glass blowing, pottery, painting, jewelry making, and many other mediums as the sessions continue. You will always have light refreshments and if its allowed, some wine/ champagne to enjoy as we learn. I am looking to partner with other artists as hosts. 

The only rules: