Where WEWork :)

This year we have been contemplating possibly renting some space in the city; either for a team office or small storefront to display our fine stationery and florals (kinda like a Papersource meets Floral Shop, how fun?!) The search continues because we feel we are ready, but in my search for more of an office space I came across WeWork, a coworking company with multiple locations. (Of course Nar already knew about this company, because she is a know/google-it-all) lol.

Sooooo I toured and had a great day down at the WEWork location in DC a few weeks ago, and it was great!! 🙂 I love that creatives/ self employed folks have an awesome option to rent out an affordable private space to work, and host meetings. In other words, somewhere they can GETTER DONE!

The WeWork location I visited was the old Wonderbread Factory in DC, and I was in love/ slash obsession with the industrial-chic decor. My friend Saranah of The Daily Do Good has an office there so I got a pass to hang out and drink their infused water and act important in the group meeting area hehe.

My current art studio situation (photos below) is not half bad, but I have no natural light down there, and my husband is definitely on a mish (mission) to get my into another space so he can have a man-cave. (Although check out the brown french doors that lead to his ‘workout room/office’ lol.)  I would love to see where other self-employed folks are working from in their homes!

Photos by ErikaLayne 🙂




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