Themespiration: Perfume Bars

DIY-inspired bridal showers are nothing new to the bridal shower game, but with the move for beauty products to be more organic and free from harsh chemicals, making your own signature perfume with friends and family sounds like the way to go.  Not only will the perfume bar keep your guest busy creating, but the final results become great party favors to be remember by with every whiff.  To create the perfect bar, have common bases on hand, like vanilla, musk, etc. along with other signature varieties like rose.  To ensure winning scent combinations, a simple Google search can give you a lot of fun ideas.  The best mixologist in the group can take the lead and help others with their combinations.  Arrange the essential oils and mini perfume bottles with signs on a statement table and voila your perfume bar display is made.  Get inspired by these displays.

Is the perfume bar theme for you?

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