4 Unconventional Honeymoon Destinations

Undoubtedly, couples meticulously plan their wedding to make it as memorable as possible. From the decor to the cake, weddings are planned to a tee. By the time thoughts of the honeymoon comes around, couples think beach, sun and relaxation or city, food and culture and revert to tried and true options. Sometimes detailed planning of the honeymoon gets pushed aside for more pressing issues like red velvet cake or German chocolate. Here is a list of fresh and unexpected honeymoon destinations that will take the guess work out of your planning….at least this part… and will probably get you bonus points from friends and family for introducing them to a new vacation spot. It’s a win-win situation!

1)  Madagascar

More than just a kid’s movie, this island houses some of Africa’s most beautiful beaches off the east coast of Africa. From volcanic lakes, Ylang Ylang plantations, coral reefs and real pirate cemeteries, there is something for everyone. Instead of settling for the Caribbean, try this unexpected tropical paradise. Stay at the Andilana Beach Resort while you’re there.

Hotel Andilana Beach

2)  Finland 

Can we say “glass igloo!” Better yet can we say “snow igloo!”  Remember when you learned about Eskimos living in igloos in elementary school? Well igloos are real and you and your honey can check sleeping in an igloo off your bucket list. Choose between the glass version or the snow igloo for the adventurous types. Stay at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort and they will thrown in a warm and cozy sleeping bag.


3)  Montenegro

Translated as “Black Mountain,” this country near Serbia and Croatia which shares a coastline with the Adriatic Sea is a hidden gem. Its allure stems from the Baroque architecture, ancient monasteries, medieval towns and home to endangered species like the Dalmatian Pelican, . If you are into a cultural experience than this is the destination to pursue. For a luxurious stay, try the Aman Sveti Stefan Resorts.

Villa Milocer Luxury Resort

4)  Seychelles

This island has been on my bucket list for a while now. Not only was this the honeymoon destination of Prince William and Princess Kate, but also other celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Salma Hayek, just to name a few. Seychelles consist of a group of islands also off the east coast of Africa near Madagascar where private beaches are the norm (…there is even one named Honeymoon beach… perfect right!). It’s no wonder celebrities flock to this private oasis to get away from it all. So can you. Stay at the North Island Resort where private villas will make your stay special.

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